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Why Wheel Alignments Matter

First and foremost, the team at Premier Auto Service Center would like to wish each and every one of you a safe and healthy New Year! We couldn’t be more appreciative of your continued support during these tough times, and we look forward to seeing you and servicing your vehicle in the future. 
If you look out onto the road, you will see a variety of different cars zooming by. You will see various makes, models, colors, year, and the list can go on and on. Despite these differences, these cars have one thing in common -- their wheels need to be properly aligned! 
When your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned, it will drive in a straight line without pulling to one side or the other. Properly aligned wheels ensure your tires wear evenly, which also means your tires will last longer. Your vehicle will leave the factory with its wheels properly aligned, but unfortunately, they don’t stay that way. 
When driving through Cape Coral, FL, your wheels will undergo normal wear and tear. Just think of when you hit a curb, go over a pothole, or run into other road debris. These situations knock your wheels out of alignment. A wheel alignment procedure will restore your vehicle’s wheels to their original factory settings. 
If you are experiencing any of these signs, your vehicle’s wheels most likely need to be aligned: 

  • When driving, you feel a vibration through the steering wheel. 
  • Your vehicle veers to one side and won’t drive in a straight line. 
  • When you are driving down a straight road, you notice your steering wheel is not centered. 
  • Your tires are wearing quicker or more uneven than usual. 

If you would like to steer straight, wheel alignment is a must. It plays an important role in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, tire wear, tire performance, along with vehicle handling and maneuverability. When your tires and wheels are out of alignment, a variety of problems can develop, including your vehicle pulling to one side of the road. If you let go on the steering wheel, your car will immediately turn to the left or right. You may also feel vibration when your hands are on the steering wheel. Wheel alignments are essential for safe driving, along with extending the life of your tires. 

Wheel alignment plays a crucial role in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, tire wear, and tire performance, along with overall driveability and safety. Schedule an appointment today for a wheel alignment service performed by the technicians at Premier Auto Service Center, or call us at 239-471-7049.


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