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Why is it important to look at more than just the brake pads?

Photo byWilliam Zhang onUnsplash

This month's blog brings an interesting topic regarding your brakes and why it’s essential to look deeper than your brake pads!


Here at Premier Auto Service, we want to inform you about safety and maintenance tips for your vehicle so you can have peace of mind. Let us get into this month’s blog by introducing why brakes are essential in the first place.


The most obvious reason; brakes help your vehicle come to a safe and complete stop. Brakes help avoid potential accidents that can damage your car or hurt the people inside. However, there is behind-the-scenes work for which your braking system should get credit. Quality brakes help prevent overheating and uneven wearing of your tires. It is vital to keep your brake pads maintained so you know you can count on them when it matters the most.


When it comes to the braking mechanisms of your vehicle, it is essential to note that there is more to the system than just brake pads. Here is our list of other parts to keep in mind:


Master Cylinder: The master cylinder works by converting the force into hydraulic pressure. The force comes when the driver steps on the brakes. The hydraulic pressure helps deliver the stopping force to all tires evenly; this helps to avoid uneven braking and uneven tire wear. 


Caliper: Have you ever seen the bright-colored part behind your tire’s rim? That might be the caliper. Each tire has its caliper, which acts to push the brake pads towards the brake rotors. This is done by the hydraulic pressure that comes from the master cylinder.


Brake Rotors: When you press the brakes on your car, the brake pads press against the brake rotors. This creates friction which produces heat that brings the vehicle to a stop. More area is covered by being a complete round disk, which reduces the time needed to brake.

With this in mind, it is clear that it is crucial to keep your vehicle’s braking system maintained. Fortunately, Premier Auto Service offers brake repair and maintenance services to keep your vehicle working as it should. Make sure to contact us at (239)471-4674 or click here to schedule an appointment today so we can take a look at your brakes and service all of your vehicle’s needs!


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