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What are the Different Fluids in Your Vehicle and How They Work?


Just like how we need fluids to stay hydrated, your vehicle does too! To maintain your vehicle's fuel economy, longevity, and drivability, you need to keep proper fluid levels. There are nine different fluids in your vehicle. They each play an important role in your vehicle's overall performance and safety, regardless of your vehicle's make or model. 


Here are the nine different fluids in your vehicle and how they work: 


  1. Gas: We are all familiar with this fluid! Unless you are driving an electric vehicle, you need to have gas, seeing as this fluid powers your engine. If your vehicle doesn't have enough fuel, you won't be able to go anywhere. 

  2. Oil: There are a thousand different moving parts in your engine all operating at fast speeds and high temperatures. Oil is responsible for minimizing any friction in your engine. Without oil, all these parts would grind together and generate excessive heat. 

  3. Coolant/antifreeze: Is it coolant or antifreeze? It is both, actually, but it depends on the season. Both coolant and antifreeze regulate your vehicle's temperature, so your vehicle stays cool in the summer and then warm in the winter. 

  4. Transmission fluid: Think of how many times you shift during an outing -- imagine you shift from park to drive and then back to park again because you forgot something inside? You shifted three times in a matter of minutes. Your transmission fluid allows you to do this by keeping all your gears properly lubricated. 

  5. Power Steering Fluid: Power steering fluid allows you to turn your vehicle easily. If you didn't have power steering fluid, imagine having to use your body weight as leverage to steer your vehicle. 

  6. Differential fluid: Your vehicle's differential fluid keeps your vehicle's gears in the front axle or rear lubricated. It is also known as gear oil. Without differential fluid, there would be extreme metal-on-metal contact. 

  7. Brake fluid: If you want your vehicle to stop, you need brake fluid. Without brake fluid, your brake system would be compromised, which means your safety would be affected too. 

  8. Air Conditioning Refrigerant: Air conditioning might be one of the most useful inventions of all time! To make sure you can enjoy a cool and comfortable cabin, you need air conditioning refrigerant, which keeps all that cold air pumping into your car. 

  9. Washer fluid: It can be incredibly annoying and even dangerous when you run out of washer fluid. You could be driving along when you notice a giant bug has landed on your windshield. Without washer fluid, your windshield wipers wouldn't be able to work, and you wouldn't be able to wipe that bug away. 


For optimal performance and safety, each of your vehicle's fluids needs to be at the right level. The team at Premier Auto Service Center is here to help keep your vehicle performing in tip-top shape.Schedule an appointment today with the technicians at Premier Auto Service Center, or call us at 239-471-7049.


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