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Understanding the Art of the Oil Change


At Premier Auto Service Center, we’re fans of regular maintenance, otherwise known as an ‘oil change.’ It’s a responsible thing to do for your car before putting it under stress on a long voyage. Having your car’s oil service means knowing it’s been cared for and looked after and knowing that you’ve done your best to keep the car well-lubricated.


In a modern oil change, you’re not just changing the oil– you’re getting the oil filter changed, draining the old oil, with new oil put in and lubrication on the points. Many cars seem to experience a new vigor after a good oil change, and we’re always so happy to see customers excited to drive their cars after we perform their oil change.


When you elect to get your oil change service from the lowest bidder, there may be unforeseen consequences down the road. Different vehicles require different oils and they are not interchangeable. Ensure that you know exactly what oils have been added to your car and why!


We have two specials directed around tune-ups: our $69.95 Road Trip Special with synthetic blend oil included, and our $99.95 Road trip special, with full synthetic oil service included. Both of these get your car prepped for a long trip and ready for the strain of hours at 70 mph, but one is just a little dearer– but with good reason.


The difference between these oils is significant in their cost and how they work. Synthetic Blend Oil is a mix of synthetic oil and conventional motor oil. It provides you a little extra protection over conventional motor oil.


Full synthetic oil is ‘the good stuff,’ specially attuned to your vehicle’s needs with high-performance fluids and additives in it that are designed to work differently for different models. This is what auto mechanics use in their own cars, and along with fluid exchanges, it’s part of getting a car past the 100,000-mile mark.


Thanks for reading! If you need an oil change, please call on Premier Auto Service in 2022. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will help keep your automobile on the road for years to come!


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