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Lucky By Design 

There’s a 1966 Volvo P1800S with over 3 million miles on it. (Seriously, it’s a wild story, check out this video on YouTube!)  


Most people can expect (or hope) for their cars to last around 200,000 miles. However, you’ll find people on both sides of this spectrum: some have had cars die out with less than 50,000 miles, and others will tell you that their car lasted for triple that. But why? What’s the determining factor in car longevity? Is it luck by design or our responsibility as car owners?


There are definitely things we can do to ensure the longevity of our vehicles. Namely, we can:

  1. Schedule preventive maintenance. Make sure to get your oil changed, tires rotated, and brakes checked frequently.

  2. Replace parts when needed. Sometimes we don’t have the funds or the time to change a part that has a little life left on it. When we do this, we strain other parts of our vehicle. Try to get everything replaced promptly.

  3. Keep up with the vehicle's maintenance schedule. Even if you treat your vehicle with care, all parts have a specific expiration date. Your vehicle maintenance schedule in your handbook will keep you on top of what parts need changing.

  4. Take it easy when driving. Drive as much as you want, but steer clear of pot-holes or off-roading in vehicles that aren’t precisely… fit for that kind of adventure. 

  5. Fill our vehicle with the best, most premium products. We all have been in a situation before when we need to opt for a less-than-premium product to save a few bucks. Splurging on your vehicle from the beginning will prevent issues down the road. 


However, there is a bit of luck by design. Newer vehicles tend to have parts that are made to last longer. Vehicle manufacturers can take feedback from their last fleet of vehicles and prevent their newest design from succumbing to the same issues and flaws. We learn more and more about making eco-friendly vehicles that last longer every day.


So think of it as a nature and nurture situation. Your car was built to last for a certain amount of time. If you treat her very well, she’s probably going to last that long or longer. However, you could be doing everything in the world right and still have to say goodbye to your vehicle too early due to circumstances or faulty vehicle parts. 


If you need help deciphering your maintenance schedule or want some advice on making your vehicle last, please call Premier Auto Service in 2022. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will help keep your automobile on the road for years to come!


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