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Looking After Your Car in the Florida Heat

Looking After Your Car in the Florida Heat 

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This Cape Coral heat is something else this Summer, isn’t it? While we can take a nice dip in the pool or enjoy a frozen treat to cool down, our cars often have to adjust to the rising temperature in less enjoyable ways. If your vehicle isn’t ultimately able to adjust, your AC, radiator, battery, and tires may be taking some punches. This is especially true if you’re using your vacation time to take some road trips or travel SW Florida!

What To Watch Out For In The Heat

When it starts to get hotter and you’re heading out on more and more road trips, your vehicle is going to feel a little different. However, there are some big red flags you should be on the lookout for. These red flags could mean a more extensive repair is in order before an even more significant repair needs to take place. Paying attention to the following systems can help you prevent needing a huge repair before the Summer is over: 

  • AC. You’ll be the first to know if your AC is having trouble in the summer heat! If you’ve turned your AC on at the start of your commute, and twenty minutes later, you’re still getting warm or lukewarm air, there’s probably a problem.
  • Radiator. Your radiator's primary purpose is to remove heat from the engine when it gets too warm. If your vehicle is getting hot, and that temperature gauge keeps going up and up, there might be a problem with your radiator. 
  • Tires. You’d think that cold weather is bad for tires, and that’s why we have special tires just for the Winter. The rising heat can affect your tire pressure and structure as it hits the hot asphalt. If you’ve done a penny test and found your tread is low, or you think your alignment might be slightly off, there’s a chance it is. 
  •  Battery. If your car is dying more often than usual, or you need a jump each morning before work, you might need a battery replacement. The warm weather can speed up the corrosion of your battery. 

These aren’t the only things to look out for, either! Heat can change many things about a car, so stay vigilant and trust your gut. 

When To See Us

If you suspect something is off with your vehicle, you should come to see us immediately. There’s no such thing as being dramatic or jumping the gun regarding your vehicle maintenance. You drive that car every day (or most days) and know it like the back of your hand, so if something feels wrong, then something probably is. Again, we say, trust your gut!


Come visit us at Premier Auto Services to help your car adjust to the summer heat and its growing road-trip repertoire. Please call Premier Auto Service in 2022, we service tons of vehicles. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will make sure your day trip is stress-free! 

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