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It’s Love Bug Season! How To Prepare Your Vehicle

Even though our lives may be a little different than how we expected them to be this month, Mother Nature is still in operation, and we are beginning to see those pesky love bugs out and about! Some of us may think these love bugs are quite cute and adorable, but they can wreak absolute havoc on our cars. Lovebugs are starting to make their Spring appearance, but there are steps we can take to make sure these highly-acidic bugs don’t show our cars too much of their love. 
Here is how to combat the influx of love bugs: 

  1. For best results, wash them completely off your vehicle’s surface as soon as possible, as their acidity can quickly erode your car’s paint within days. Try not to use your windshield wipers and washer fluid to eradicate those love bugs. You will find yourself with a flurry of bug parts! 
  2. There are many commercial cleaners out there that can adequately clean your vehicle and wash away those love bugs. Super Clean, Simple Green, and Spray ‘n Wash are exceptionally capable. 
  3. A dryer sheet also works magic on making sure those love bugs remain a distant memory. Try wetting a dryer sheet, letting it soak for a few minutes, and then get to cleaning. Dryer sheets don’t scratch and will pull the bugs off easily. 
  4. Hot water is also an effective weapon against these love bugs. Using a sponge or cleaning rag, soak the area afflicted with love bugs. The hot water will effectively loosen any love bugs intent on sticking to your car. 
  5. Clay Magic also can combat love bug season. This car care product is available at local retail chains. 
  6. Another trick is to put baby oil and water in a bowl right outside your door. This secret recipe will attract the love bugs and keep them away from your vehicle! 

All is fair in love and war, especially when our adversaries in war are love bugs! We recommend trying the tips mentioned above. Let us know how it goes, and also, let us know if you have any tricks that you use to deal with love bugs. 
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