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How Safe Are Your Brake Lines?

Did you drive back up north for the holidays, and then back down south for some fun in the Cape Coral sun? If your answer is yes, then you most likely were exposed to snow and salted roads. The snow and salt can take a toll on your vehicle, specifically your brakes and/or brake lines, and just like how you are looking for some rest and relaxation in Cape Coral, your car is most likely too. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it means you need to schedule a visit to Premier Auto Service Center in Cape Coral, FL. Here are signs your brakes and/or brake lines just aren’t very safe: 

If your vehicle is leaking fluid, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is coming from your braking system. Brake fluid is generally clear in color, or it may be auburn and brown if it is old. When you touch, it will feel very similar to paint thinner, and when you smell it, it will smell like fish oil. 

If your brake fluid light is flashing, it means that your electrical brake system has an issue. When your brake fluid light is flashing it is suggested that you call a repair shop to make an appointment to have the vehicle’s brake system diagnosed. 

If you can actually push your brake to the floorboards of your vehicle, you know something isn’t right. If this is the case and it takes you awhile to stop, then you are definitely in a danger zone. We want to make sure all of our customers are safe on the road so contact the team at Premier Auto Service Center.

Did you know that your brake lines can have visible moisture or corrosion on them? If this is true then this becomes a potential problem. At Premier Auto Service Center we can perform a FREE brake inspection for your vehicle. 

If you are experiencing any of these signs, most likely, your brakes and/or brake lines are not very safe. To keep you and your vehicle safe, we suggest you contact us right away. Schedule an appointment today for an inspection performed by the technicians at Premier Auto Service Center, or call us at 239-471-7049. 


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