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How Extreme Heat Can Kill Your Car Battery

Living in the Florida heat can be too much at times, but your car battery may be suffering the most. Excessive heat and overcharging can shorten the life of your battery. AAA reported over 1 billion calls in battery-related issues for the summer of 2018. To guarantee a working battery throughout the year bring it in for a service. Premier Auto Service Center is here for all your vehicle's needs.  

Battery Fluid Starts To Evaporate.
A huge reason for your battery to die in this summer heat is the amount of battery fluid in your car. Your car battery contains a liquid mixture of both acid and water. The heat causes your battery fluid to evaporate, and therefore decrease, which then damages the internal structure of your battery. Make sure you bring your car into Premier Auto Service Center to prevent any damage to your battery. 

Increased Amount of Sulfates. 
With the summer heat, your battery can increase the number of sulfates. An increased amount of sulfates is not a good sign because it can lead to battery failure. Sulfation is a build up of lead sulfate crystals. The increase will ultimately lead to battery failure in the future. To prevent an increased amount of sulfates in your vehicle, make sure you come to Premier Auto Service Center. 

Charging Rate. 
The excessive heat and overcharging will shorten your battery’s life. A component in your charging system like the voltage regulator will create a high charging rate. The charging rate will become too high and will eventually destroy your battery. It’s important to know when your battery is overcharging, so bring your car into Premier Auto Service Center to make sure your safe on your next trip! 

Premier Auto Service Center prides on giving the best quality service. Before the summer heat takes a toll on your car battery, make sure you stop by. We can make sure your car is ready to take this heat head-on. Schedule an appointment today, or call us at 239-471-7049. We look forward to hearing from you.  


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