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Filters? What do you mean? Don't I only have an oil filter in my vehicle?

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You might be surprised to hear that your vehicle contains many filters, not just your oil filter. Your car is like a person; we all contain parts that help keep our systems running at top speed!


Your automobile has four primary filters you want to be aware of, but there are many more beyond that! Let’s start with the basics and look at the primary filters you will want to be mindful of throughout your future as a vehicle owner.


The filters you will want to replace and keep clean regularly are:


  • Oil Filter: Most of us know that we have an oil filter, but what exactly does it do? Well, your oil filter helps to keep your oil flowing fast and smooth! It does this by removing bits of material naturally present in your vehicle’s oil. Dirt, rust, and things picked up within the system get suspended in the oil and travel throughout the engine. Your oil filter catches these impurities and keeps your vehicle feeling fresh and clean!

  • Cabin Air Filter: Your cabin air filter is the barrier between your lungs and the outside world! This filter helps to remove any dust, particles, pollen, etc., that made their way through your air conditioning system. 

  • Engine Air Filter: Your engine requires a mixture of air and fuel to perform. The engine air filter helps to keep that mix of air as clean as possible. It removes any small insects, dirt, and other debris that might make their way into your system. 

  • Fuel Filter: Much like the oil filter, this filter regulates your fuel’s cleanliness by helping to remove residues from the system. Gasoline contains a certain amount of dirt, grit, rust, and other small particles of matter. Unfiltered; these could cause significant problems in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency system. Having a filthy or clogged fuel filter makes it so that your fuel system has to work in overdrive, causing a chain reaction of problems down the line!


Ok, so when should I be looking to replace these filters? 


That is a great question, and here are some general guidelines for you!


  • Oil Filter: It is standard procedure to change your oil filter with each oil change.

  • Cabin Air Filter: You want to have your filter changed anytime you start to smell a persistent odor in your air conditioning system or you notice any irregularities with heating and cooling. There are other reasons as well and if you suspect something strange, have your vehicle examined.

  • Engine Air Filter: Dark smoke coming from your exhaust could be a sign that you need to have your engine air filter replaced! However, there are many reasons to keep this filter clean, and you should check it at regular intervals.

  • Fuel Filter: Have you noticed your vehicle using more gasoline than average, seeming to burn through fuel super quick? This bad economy could signify that you need to have a professional look at your fuel filter.


Beyond these primary filters, many other pieces keep your system running clean and healthy. We recommend you refer to an ASE-certified technician to get the quality care you and your vehicle deserve. Our technicians at Premier Auto Service specialize in keeping your car in pristine condition. Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will help keep your automobile on the road for years to come!


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