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Did you know that feral animals and rodents can do a lot of damage to engines? The worst damage they can do is chew the electrical wiring system, but they can chew on other things as well, such as cabin filters, air filters, and the under-hood insulation, to name a few. They hit hardest in winter when the cold hits them the hardest but will try and make a nest any time during the year. Climbing into a just-used warm car chassis must be inviting for cold critters.

A vehicle left unused is a great place for a rodent to find a way to make a home. In this case the vehicle is just a safe, dry place to make a home.

The offenders we see the most in Cape Coral are field mice. These murid rodents can seriously cripple an engine if left unchecked. People turn to many different methods in the hope of deterring pests from nibbling at their cars. There are sprays available, as well as ultrasonics. These can help but don’t guarantee to work. 

Our mechanics agree that the best thing to prevent rodents from chewing into your wiring is to keep the vehicle in a garage. As well as keeping dog food, cat food and birdseed in a closed container. But even that might not work because mice can get in anywhere and anytime of the year.

Here’s our best recommendation to prevent mice from eating your car alive!

Don’t leave your car unsheltered for long periods. Get it in a garage if you can, because the unattended cars are fertile ground for mice to make nests.

Pop your hood up for a few moments after you park it in the garage. Opening the hood will let the heat out and make it less beckoning to cold field mice. But don't leave the car unattended, because with the hood open, it is an open invitation for the critter to make a home.

Eliminate gaps in the garage. Look for cracks and crevices the mice may be using to get into the garage and seal them with caulk or other methods.

Set traps inside. You can set harmless, safe ones or very lethal ones, but either way, a few traps should help avoid nesting families.

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